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What's NEW for 2020?

A NEW West Coat Spas HOT TUB!  Please read the instructions carefully before use. Also, new counters grace the kitchen and baths along with new faucets and more. You can see all of the updated photos in the Home Tour section of our web page. We have also performed some ladder fuel reduction on the grounds and trees around the property, insuring a healthy and pleasing to look at forest around you. Last but certainly not least, the SHARC facility (Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic Recreation Center) is starting its third season. Scroll down for more info. Where is the house? We are located in the desirable Deer Park area of Sunriver, about 1/4 mile from the North Store.  We use the Cottonwood entrance to Sunriver and turn on to South Imnaha. We don't list the address on the Internet. But if you call or e-mail we'll be happy to tell you. What does reverse-living mean? The living areas are upstairs, the sleeping areas downstairs; except for the master bedroom, which is upstairs. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all upstairs. The hot tub is also upstairs, located off the master bedroom. Do you allow pets? Sorry, we cannot. How can you rent so inexpensively? We don't involve any real estate or property management company. That's it. There is no "middle-man" to pay. As a result, we don't rent out the home as often as we could. That's good for both of us, because the house is in better shape because of it. We mostly rent to friends, co- workers, and others. They treat the house as if it were their own. We think it's a great deal. How many will your house sleep? 6 comfortably. Each bedroom sleeps 2. Master bedroom: KING (Stearns & Foster Pillow top), downstairs bedroom: Queen. The third bedroom has twins. We also have two cots that can be used for sleeping outdoors on the deck, if you like to "camp" during Summer. The upstairs deck is nice, it keeps (most) critters away. What happens when I make a reservation? Use the on-line reservation form to send in your inquiry. We'll send you a rental form with all the costs broken down for you. If they are satisfactory, send us a deposit to hold the dates. We'll send a reminder about 60 days ahead of arrival for the balance due. How do I hold the dates? Send a refundable “good care” deposit with the reservation form. No dates can be held until we receive the paperwork and deposit.  How do we get the keys? We will mail two (2) keys to the house along with everything you'd want to know about the house (and then some) about a week before your departure. We'll also include that  self- addressed envelope for their speedy return. Your deposit is returned upon receipt of the keys. How do I get there? In your rental envelope, along with the keys, will be a map and directions to the home. You can also use your GPS. You'll also get a few handy tips (winter and summer) to look over so that you can acclimate yourself to the house quickly upon your arrival. And a few tips to help us (and our housekeeping crew) upon checkout. What is the check-in and check-out time? Check in, 4pm. Check out, 11:00am. These times are easily adjusted upon request, provided there is no guest arriving/departing the requested day. This "window" allows our housekeeping crew to get the home prepared for the next guest, which might be you.  If there are no guests ahead of you, or none coming after you, we can arrange an earlier check in or later check out by alerting our housekeeping company. If you need a later check-out or earlier check-in, contact us before you go and we'll tell you if it's possible. What is the cleaning fee? That's the fee we pass on from our housekeeping company upon your checkout. You won't have to do the laundry, make the beds, or vacuum. You're on vacation. It's a one-time $110 fee whether you stay one day or ten. We do appreciate a bit of help before you check out and will provide a list of things you can do to help our Classic Cleaning Company cleaning staff. Can I just save the $110 and clean it myself? Sorry. We wish we could, but we have to rely on this professional crew to do all the cleaning, washing, vacuuming, bed making, and sanitizing that we require between guests. Without the proper tools your last day will be spent cleaning and scrubbing. Relax and enjoy your vacation. Besides, you saved more on your first day to more than cover the difference. Is there anything special about the house we should know about? There is an information book inside the house that gives you specific information about the hot tub, trash receptacles, etc. It also has information about how to operate the Satellite TV, BBQ, heating system, and other appliances. HD Satellite TV? Yes, to get the major networks. You'd never think local TV was inconvenient until there was a big sports event that you couldn't watch because it wasn't on local channels. You won't miss an NFL, MLB, or NBA game because it wasn't on cable. If you have read this far and care about it, it is DirecTV service and includes HBO , Showtime, and Starz movie channels. Are you close to the bike trails? Even better, we are near a spur. About 100 ft. out back you'll see a bike trail that's little used. That's because it's not a main thoroughfare. Consequently, there aren't hundreds of bicyclists rolling through all day long. Keeps the neighborhood that much quieter. The only ones passing by are those that live there, or got lost and will hit the dead end. The spur connects with the main artery about 250 yards west. From there you can go to the mall, Fort Rock Park, the Marina, etc. What are bike trails? Sunriver has over 30 miles of paved bicycle paths that connect all parts of the resort. They are used by guests for bicycling as well as jogging. They are part of the charm of Sunriver. Motorized vehicles (mini-bikes) and roller blades are not allowed on these paths. What about the new bike trail to Benham Falls? Glad you asked.  It is open with access near Circle 7. It is one of the more popular riding sections in all of Sunriver. A lot of work went into making this trail happen, we hope you enjoy it! What kind of bikes are at the house? We have five. Four adult bikes, and one kids bike. A picture of the bikes is in our home tour section. This is important: While we try to keep them in good shape, we don't make claim as to their road-worthiness. We always advise guests that if they have them, they might want to bring their own bikes. Their familiarity is worth the extra effort. Either way, be sure to bring your own helmets. How far is it to the village? A little less than 2 miles, using the bike trails. Using your car, 2 miles exactly. You are only 1/2 mile from the North Store (gas pumps) located on Cottonwood Dr. How far is it to Bend? About 12 miles. (15 minutes.) Since we are near the Cottonwood entrance, getting in and out of Sunriver "the back way" makes trips to Bend easy. Can I use the garage? We have a one-car garage that you are welcome to use. It has an electric opener you operate from inside the garage. Please be careful not to interfere with the operation of the motor and door. What if I have more than one car? The garage will hold one, the driveway another two cars. If need be, you can also park one car on gravel to the north side of the house. No cars can be parked on the street in Sunriver. Do you have a phone at the house? No. Take your cell phone, they work fine in Sunriver. Do you have Internet Access? Yes we do. Bring your wireless laptop and your smart-phone if it is wifi enabled. The code to access the wireless will be included in the paperwork you receive. It will also be listed in the house information book. You say you have a Nintendo Player? It is a classic Super Nintendo 64 unit with about 30 to 40 games. It will surely provide hours of fun for the young and young-at- heart. We thought about upgrading to an XBOX or something like that, but the retro feel is too much fun to just put away. (Update: The game console is getting finicky. Sometimes it does not want to open on the tv screen. In that case, with the console off, we blow air into the game cassette or game console slot - or both - to clear out any dust. This seems to work for some reason.)  Feel free to bring your own gaming console to plug into any one of the televisions in the home. What is there to do in Sunriver? You will never want for anything to do in Sunriver or Central Oregon. We put together a list of places we have visited along with pictures we took. You might find some fun things to do on that list. See it here. There are glaring holes that you can fill, too. Send us your experience along with a picture and we can add it to the list. The e-mail address is on the page. Can we use the Pool or Tennis Courts or Pickleball Courts? Yes, your rental includes eight passes available that will include unlimited use of the SHARC and tennis. Enjoy yourself. What about the "New" pool we hear about? The SHARC (Sunriver Homeowners Association Rec Center) is open with new indoor/outdoor pools, hot tub, water slides,  lazy river, recreation areas, amphitheatre, picnic area, year-round sled hill, and other amenities. This will be what your family talks about long after you return home from Sunriver.  We have Sharc secrets to share with you in our ‘Sharc’ tab above. How close are you to this new recreation center? We are a very convenient 1-mile by car, less than that by bicycle. In fact, it's easier to get to than the old facilities. Plenty of bicycle parking, too. Bring your towel. That's one thing we can't provide. Towels are not available (except for purchase) at Sharc. Did you say indoor pool? Yes, SROA's new SHARC facility is open year-round. There will also be a winter/summer sled hill. An indoor pool will make staying in shape on holidays easy during winter getaways! You may never want to leave Sunriver! See more on the SHARC tab above. What happened to the old pools? The South Pool has been closed and demolition is complete. It has been redesigned as a park area. The North Pool is now Owners only. See the Sharc tab above for hours/more info. What happened to the sled hill?  It's part of the SHARC now, and there are THREE hills! You'll see them just off Beaver Drive. Here’s the best part: It’s open in the summer, too! And, yes, your house passes will get you on the hill! Are you close to the RR tracks? We are four rows of houses removed from the tracks. And, quite frankly, we hardly - if ever - notice when a train comes through. It's never been an issue for our previous guests. And, personally speaking, there are times we've come back from days at the house and thought "did a train ever go by?" Do you have any reviews from people who have stayed with you before? Absolutely. On our home page we share unsolicited notes from guests just like you who have stayed at the house. A plaque above the door sums it up: Family and Friends Always Welcome. See the notes yourself by clicking on the ‘Reviews’ button at the top of this page.

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